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Ask About Requests by Queen-of-Ice101 Ask About Requests :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 5
Intention- An Aveyond Fanfic Oneshot
Thais, known as the shining capital of the Western Empire. It was the city of opportunity and offered work to people from far and wide. Main streets constantly filled with busy traffic as Thais became a round the clock destination.
Further off the beaten path was a series of side streets, fancy neighbourhoods with pretty trim and immaculate gardens. Which is why the figure in dark blue with a hood up tucked over their head in the misty sun was such an odd sight.
At first neighbours eyed the newcomer nervously, then just as quickly seems to recognize them as they spared smiles before returning to their activities. The figure suddenly turned right to jog up a path towards a stately blue house with white trim.
They strolled into the the house before reaching back to flip the hood back, revealing the face of the young woman framed by short black strands.
"I'm home!"
She shrugged off her hoodie and watched as a fat white cat jumped down from the arm of the couch to come thread through her l
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 0
Black Sea- An Aveyond Fanfic Oneshot
During the day Acropolis was a bustling a bright place, magical caves and a sparkling ocean that glittered with hidden mystery. Anyone that could find it through the Ashra Tombs visited as much as they could since the place just exuded calm.
But at night a change would come over the place, those magical mysteries revealing themselves through glowing wisps and the haunting songs of the mermaids. The usually sparkling waters of baby blue became black as night, sparkling in the light of the full moon.
On a low cliff that jutted out over a deep lagoon stood a single figure, form fitting coat clinging to the figures curves as they sighed and ran a finger through short black hair.
"Mel? What are you doing?"
The figure never turned, instead she watched out over the water as a man, or rather the vampire, picked his way over to stand at her side on the cliff.
"Have you ever heard the legend of this place Gyendal?" She asked quietly, her quiet voice still feeling too loud in the peace of the nig
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 4
No Matter What They Say- An Aveyond Oneshot Fanfic
In the corner of a drafty basement of a grand manor stood a cot, broken down and threadbare. Upon the cot lay a girl of nineteen known only as Mel, caught in a restless sleep as the sun slowly came up over the city of Veldarah.
Above her a loud clanking bell suddenly started ringing, the girl giving a startled gasp as she sat up abruptly and looked out the window before hissing a series of fowl curses and leaping off her cot to reveal nothing but her underthings as she scrambled for the loose brown rags that laid over the back of the hard chair next to her cot. Clearly the other slaves that also slept in the basement had forgotten about her in the corner and now she was going to be late!
Mel threw on her clothes in record timing before shoving through the rickety door that separated her tiny makeshift room from the hall before hurrying past all the other open room doors and racing up the steep staircase to enter the large main house.
"Mistress Kora! I apologize, I was-"
"Silence you wo
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 3 0
Love Is For Children- An Aveyond
Love was for children, that was something Mel had known since she was a child. How could she think anything different with the life she had led? On the streets of Harburg there was no love, even kisses and canoodling were handed out inn moments of loneliness and for money despite the romantic obsession with such things. No, the sentiments had no place in her kind of life and Mel didn't mind that so much she found even as the years wore on and many of the girls she had grown up around became mothers and some even became wives.
Then the prophecy reared it's ugly head and she was forced on the run with people that she cared about far more then she would admit. Stella who's gentleness and kindness soothed many a frayed temper for all of them and who had become a best friend to Mel. Edward who's eager personality coaxed Mel out of the stone shell she had shielded herself with for so many years.
Her dreams of travelling the world and seeing what was offered were coming true more every day, s
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 3 0
Silent Song- An Aveyond Fanfic Oneshot
In the bustling city of Thais citizens and visitors alike were coming and going eagerly as the sun shone over them. Cars came and went along busy streets, and the massive office buildings further into the city stood as pinnacles over the apartments and residential streets.
On one of those residential streets sat a fancy house of pale blue and white, known by the neighbours of being the home to one of the most welcoming young men and his gentle young wife. The names Edward and Stella were carved in cursive onto a wooden plaque that hung over the door.
But in recent times a newcomer had come to their home, a cousin who Edward spoke of with equal measures of love and sadness.
That cousin could currently found in her room reading a book in a small window seat loaded down with pillows, eyes dancing over the pages but the blank gaze giving away that she was taking nothing in. After a few minutes of attempting to read the girl heaved a sigh and set the book down on her lap before turning to w
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 3 0
Miscalculations and Misadventures- Aveyond Oneshot
When Mel rushed into the cavern she was met with a worried hug from Stella who squeezed tightly before fretting over the indents from the ropes that the vampire henchmen had used to tie her up.
"I'm fine Stella, stop worrying. We need to-"
The sudden blast of cold air that gusted through the cavern silenced anything Mel could have finished with and she felt the entire group stiffen in fear as everyone turned to face the powerful vampire mage standing in the entryway to the cavern.
His scarlet eyes glittered with a wild excitement, cloak billowing around him as he slowly began to stroll further into the clearing. His eyes were fixed on Mel although he was clearly aware of all of them and their movements.
"How delightful, instead of turning tail and fleeing you brought yourself here to the one place you truly have no escape, except through me." He purred, halting several steps in and sweeping an unreadable gaze over the gathered people.
"Like we'd let a monster like you take over the wor
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 0
Misunderstood Flirtations-A Aveyond Fanfic Oneshot
As Mel and her friends worked their way hurriedly through the memory caves she knew that every step closer to the orb was a step closer to the final confrontation. Mel knew that should have been the only thing on her mind, yet much to her frustration a larger and more persistent part of her mind was focused on an entirely different situation.
"Te'ijal! I did everything exactly how you told me, I've been running this whole time from your brother, complimenting him in that extremely strange way you claim that vampires like every time we ended up is confrontation with words like creep and psychopath, yet he's completely oblivious!"
Te'ijal sighed.
"Yes, it does seem like my brother is unaware of your advances."
"No kidding, I was basically alone that entire time while you guys came for me and yet not once did he try to talk to me! I swear he wouldn't notice if a girl was interested in him even if an orc hit him over the head with a massive sign."
Edward who was ahead of them had unfortuna
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 0
Misconceptions- An Aveyond Fanfic Oneshot
Gyendal sat there in his chair in the back room of the cathedral brooding, he glared out the window with such a dark gaze that even his imp servant coward away.
"I simply do not understand it, how is it that even after all this I still have not succeeded?!"
His fist slammed on the desk next to him and he stood to his feet, pacing back and forth in the back room of the cathedral. He should have been planning for the final step of taking over the world with the Darkthrop girl, yet here he was instead stuck on a problem that had been plaguing him for months.
"Servant! Come Here!" He suddenly shouted, wheeling to face the imp who grimaced before hurrying to the powerful vampire lords side.
"Yes my lord?"
"My sister and her husband, they have been married and stayed by each others side for years while still retaining the courting ways of youth as he plays hard to get with his many games where he leads chase across Aia. He even compliments her in that strange way my sister seems to prefer! S
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 8
Commissions are on hold by Queen-of-Ice101 Commissions are on hold :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 0 0 Trades Are On Hold by Queen-of-Ice101 Trades Are On Hold :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 0 Requests are open by Queen-of-Ice101 Requests are open :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 4 6 Right To Refuse by Queen-of-Ice101 Right To Refuse :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 6 0 Art Status: Commissions are Closed {Ice and Snow} by Queen-of-Ice101 Art Status: Commissions are Closed {Ice and Snow} :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 5 Art Status: Commissions are Open {Ice and Snow} by Queen-of-Ice101 Art Status: Commissions are Open {Ice and Snow} :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 5 0 Art Status: Ask Me About Collabs {Ice and Snow} by Queen-of-Ice101 Art Status: Ask Me About Collabs {Ice and Snow} :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 6


Short Fanfics


Just Because
Just because we're not friends anymore
Does not mean I backslid from the Lord.
You would say "God is typing through my fingers."
You claimed I was spiritually immature.
But the way you treated me was not of God's nature.
Just because I won't drive to your church
Does not mean I as a Christian have less worth.
You would tell me to listen to God's Spirit,
Then when I told you what I believed He said,
You would tell me to stop listening to my head.
Just because I was frustrated with you
Does not mean what I said was verbal abuse
I know I said many things I regret
And I became so passive aggressive.
For the way you controlled me was to say "God says."
:iconlifeinjesus:LifeinJesus 4 0
Nice Guys Are Wiser
"Nice guys finish last."
"Not racing."
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 11 17
My Bleeding Heart
It starts with a deep pain in my chest and a sting in my eyes. 
My mind working overtime to process so much hurt. 
You don't seem to care. 
The second step is to confront you. 
Screamed hate and softly spoken daggers. 
You think I'm being foolish. 
Next, I bury it all deep down. 
My heart, still bleeding, in denial about the injury. 
You say I can just fix it up. 
Later, we "talk it out". 
I am in tears, and you sit coolly and point out my flaws. 
You can't wait to be rid of me. 
Now I spit insults and spite at your feet. 
The hate covers it all up, makes everything better. 
You wish I wasn't such a problem. 
We sit there and forgive each other. 
I admit I miss you, and the bullet hole is bandaged. 
You found an easy way to fix the problem. 
It happens again. 
I sob, wondering how I could be so gullible. 
You claim it's my fault... again. 
This time, I tell no one. 
:iconlittlemisswriter7:LittleMissWriter7 8 11
I sit on a plush chair. It's one of those with wheels on the bottom that I used to love spinning on when I was a child. Now I just idly move myself. The room is bare, just a dresser, and a bed, and the desk I'm supposed to be facing on my slowly turning chair. I twirl a strand of hair around my finger and absentmindedly chew it. 
My fingers twitch. My mind drifts lazily from thought to thought. Images that I quickly push away. Stray stanzas, scarcely remembered sayings, my mind drifts aimlessly like a cloud, feeling content, and... a bit fuzzy.
Suddenly, like harsh sunlight cutting through mist, my thoughts dissipate, and are replaced with another, sharper, feeling.
The colours and sounds and ideas come rushing in. I grope for something, anything, to write down my thoughts. There's nothing there, only the smooth feel of my wooden desk. I run my fingers over it. It's spotless, as always. 
I'd honestly prefer it to be covered in knickknacks and objects, for i
:iconlittlemisswriter7:LittleMissWriter7 8 15
Looking back, nostalgia permeating my core. Mistakes made, friendships grown, epiphanies and realizations dotted through the course of time. Sitting wrapped in blankets, running as the wind tried to push me back, exploring whole worlds through the words of another, learning, forever learning. Trying to keep up with the pace of life, only to fail miserably. Getting up and dusting myself off, sprinting to catch up, laughter lost on the breeze. Wounds and injuries and scratches and pain inside my very soul, now healed and patched up with only the echo of a scar to remind me. 
Laughter and and smiles freely given out to the world, tears and sobs shown and judged. Heartbreak, heartache, heart lifted up to the sky on the wind of a thousand whispers. True colours being shown and flown up high. Forgiveness and betrayal come in the same package. Thoughts and ideas appearing, disappearing, breakthroughs can come to me any minute.
So much past, mistakes, regrets, weighing me down. Let them f
:iconlittlemisswriter7:LittleMissWriter7 7 12
Loki  Avengers by LadyMintLeaf Loki Avengers :iconladymintleaf:LadyMintLeaf 231 22 Loki and Sigyn by LadyMintLeaf Loki and Sigyn :iconladymintleaf:LadyMintLeaf 61 18 Loki Thor - Eyes by LadyMintLeaf Loki Thor - Eyes :iconladymintleaf:LadyMintLeaf 46 13
Within my mind
Within my mind
You can find
Only darkness
And hopelessness
Stay away you must
Myself I don't trust
Leave me alone
My soul is already gone
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 48 55
Are you blind?
Are you blind to my misery,
Or do you choose not to look?
I want to share my story,
But you close me like a book.
I'm screaming as I cry,
But you refuse to hear.
Look away as I die,
Ignore each little tear.
Am I not loud enough?
Is that why you ignore my scream?
My life is tough,
Help me escape this bad dream.
I scream a bit higher.
Please, I need your help!
My circumstances are dire.
I'm losing myself.
But you do not help me,
And I've decided to give up.
Maybe then you'll see.
Ha! That's just my luck.
:iconlostmyslef:lostmyslef 61 24
Depression Isn't Real
Depression isn’t true, my dear
Depression isn’t real.
It’s just a silly tragedy
You’ve forced yourself to feel.
Anxiety is fake, my friend
You wonder why it’s there.
But others have it worse than you!
Stop forming false despair.
Cutting is dramatic, love,
It’s ugly, and it’s dumb.
Why not just get over it?
Is the attention fun?
Suicide is stupid, dear,
And selfish, if I may.
Get over yourself, darling,
Can you hear these things I say?
Why aren’t you replying, love?
Oh, where could you have gone?
I never meant to hurt you, love,
Did I say something wrong?
Why aren’t you replying, dear?
Depression isn’t true!

Oh, but yes it was, “my dear”...
Just maybe not for you.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 1,333 242
Isolated and Abused Emotionally
Isolated and confused,
Unwilling to continue,
Unable to break away.
Times of calm before the storm.
Sweet words before words of great harm.
Entangled in binding chains,
Attached to him, though in pain.
Our relationship so secret
Not even my closest friends knew
'til it was posted on Facebook.
They helplessly watched me be
Emotionally abused
For he was the man I did choose
Over family and friends,
Over the church I got saved in.
God used him breaking up with me
To free me emotionally.
Freed, I returned to family,
And to friends who love me for me,
Who love me unconditionally.
:iconlifeinjesus:LifeinJesus 5 0
Let Wisdom be a Hedge
Show me who I am in You
In love, tell me what's true
For the way that seems right to me
In the end leads to death
From presumptuous sins keep me
And from sins of ignorance.
You said "My people are destroyed
For a lack of knowledge."
So please teach me and fill that void.
Let wisdom be a hedge
To protect me from deception,
From the lies of Satan.
:iconlifeinjesus:LifeinJesus 6 0
Say What You Will
I'm not an angel but I am a saint
And I will be strengthened through God's strength,
And say what you will but I still believe
That God is very merciful to me.
And though I love you I won't justify
The habits of abuse you've built towards me.
Let God cleanse you of habits of abuse,
For which a Christian man has no excuse.
Let God purify your every motive
That you may show others the love of Christ,
That you walk in unity not in strife.
:iconlifeinjesus:LifeinJesus 4 3
Midnight run by Whiluna Midnight run :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 1,124 63 Unnatural reality by Whiluna Unnatural reality :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 1,844 66



Queen-of-Ice101 has started a donation pool!
24 / 5,000
I have several groups that I am running right now and I would like to hopefully start doing contests, however in order to do so I need to be able to award prizes and I am point poor which makes that rather difficult. Thus, any donations would be more then welcome and be greatly appreciated!!

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ATTENTION: If you've left a comment on any of my pieces or in response to a comment I've made and I don't get back to you, please don't think I'm ignoring you! I have notifications getting lost in my alerts quite regularly due to how many notifications have been flooding in, oftentimes I'm finding that I never actually see the notifications. If you really want to get ahold of me and have me respond quickly then make sure to send me a note.

Please be aware that all original work in my gallery is protected under copyright laws
You are not authorized to copy, reupload, alter, trace, or edit my work in any way.


Hello! I'm Miranda & I would like to welcome you to the official DeviantArt Queen-of-Ice101 profile:snowflake:

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I started on DeviantArt to hopefully connect to fellow fans, authors & artists and to share my work. For me this site offers a escape from the real world so that I can lose myself in the things I love. I am a aspiring author & desperately want to improve my writing, which is one of the main reasons I share my work is so that I can get critique & tips on how to improve.
Critiques wanted by prosaix

I am a super fan of all things manga/anime and fantasy, especially Death Note and Aveyond so if you are a fan of either of these feel free to comment on my page and we can geek out together :woohoo:

When I was nine I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition which unfourtanatly brings along a host of medical issues, mental illness/disabilities such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety & Depression etcetera, & chronic pain. Because of this I am pretty much house bound right now & am on here most of the time so if you're struggling with medical issues, mental illness or chronic pain yourself feel free to send me a note or drop a comment below. I'm always happy to listen if you need someone to talk to. Please also don't feel uncomfortable about asking questions if you are curious, I will not get angry or offended, no matter how blunt the question. My goal is to raise awareness for all these things & I am very open about what I do and do not face for that reason:)
ASD stamp (animated) by somethingzenzen Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by XxDiaLinnxX ST: Anxiety Disorder Awareness by JSTradArt
Understand Don't Pity by Amybunbun poking fun at my disability stamp by UnassumingLocalLady

Speaking of being open about disability. Struggles or no, you are never justified in being a jerk or treating someone badly for it. It is an explanation, not an excuse. If you say something crappy, apologize. Don't expect people to respect your crap behaviour & accept you being a twat just because you have an issue, respect is earned & it does not come from you being an entitled jerk.
ADHD stamp by Nethrion It's Not An Excuse by World-Hero21 Stop Hiding Behind This. by silvvy

I believe in respecting other people no matter their sexuality, race, faith, gender, political view, age or any other factor in their life. I prefer deciding my opinion on people based on how they treat me and those around me. I will do my utmost best to respect everyone who engages in conversation with me whether you are wanting to debate something or just chat, so feel free to hop on over if you're looking for someone to exchange ideas with! However, if you are a jerk to me depending on my mood & pain level I may be a jerk right back. You have been warned.......

I'm a Christian, however as I said above I do not allow stereotypes to decide my treatment of others. If you don't agree/like my faith that is totally fine, just please be respectful of the fact that my faith is important to me & don't diss me for it^__^ I'm always happy to answer questions you might have about Christianity so if you're curious about something for whatever reason feel free to send me a note or drop a comment below. If I don't know the answer or don't believe I can answer accurately I'll do my best to link you to someone who can or provide sites that will be able to answer those questions!

I have tons of random stuff that I post here for all sorts of fandoms, but as of late my favourite to post work for is Aveyond:D If you don't know what that is, please pop yourself a bag of popcorn and ask me down below because that is one topic I could go on about for daaaaaaayyysss :woohoo: I have two longer multichap fanfics going for it right now which can be found in their own separate folders, but if you're looking for a shorter read I have a folder dedicated entirely to Aveyond Oneshot and shorts:D I also have a Aveyond dedicated fanart folder for your (hopefully lol) enjoyment ^__^

Dark Aveyond Stamp by Queen-of-Ice101 AV3 Orbs of Magic Saga- Aveyond Stamp by Queen-of-Ice101


Tools of the trade:

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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

{Never seen/read Harry Potter but was convinced by a friend to take the quiz and the crest looks awesome so I shall display my results!! The quiz is pretty cool though, definitely take it if you have the time :wizardhat: }

The mastermind behind my "glorious" tagline =p

Death Note Stamp by SavannaH09

Thanks for visiting my profile!!:squee: Have a cookie and a chibi vampire for your troubles :dummy:

Chaos by Shadow252525
  • Listening to: My mental raging at this program
  • Reading: the user manual FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME
  • Watching: The program and my useless edit attempts
  • Playing: Rub the lamp for a genie so I can get some talent
  • Eating: My words that this would hopefully not be to hard
  • Drinking: my tears as I wail about my failure at sprite art
So I have done a dumb thing and have completely bitten off more then I can chew.....

Recently I got involved in a project with a friend to design a mini game and I was given the task of designing the headshots and the sprites. The headshot would be no problem I knew, and I figured that sprite design shouldn't be that hard right?


Sprite design is hard. It is in fact harder then headshot design. So I decided to download a recommended program called Game Character Hub to design the sprites since I don't exactly have the know-how to design them from scratch. The program itself is awesome!! The colour editing system? That thing is honestly the worst system for colour edit and alteration I have ever worked with. So after several long hours filled with banging my head against a design wall and utterly screwing up my sprites design I have admitted defeat {sorta} and now am putting out a desperate plea of assistance from anyone who knows what the heck they're actually doing.

Please save me from death by rage quit and share with me the great details of how to edit colour in this program!! I desire your grand knowledge.Oh Noes! 

Disclaimer: If you just tell me to "move around the colour bars and it'll work" I might have to send my army of vampire llamas after you since that is exactly what I have been doing and trust me when I say that it has not helped me as I try to figure out how to edit skin colourStare 

EDIT!!!! Since posting this I stumbled around blindly in the program for several hours and have finally discovered what to do!!! Unfortunately it includes colouring each pixel for the thing I want to change one by one.... buuuuut on the bright side at least the half the face isn't brown, and the other half green anymore:D No more playing around with colour saturation for me~ 

BUT!! If anyone has the idiots guide for Game Character Hub I'd love to see it, or even just some tips and tricks to make things easier:D I would even loan my fairy llama to youuuuuuu in payment~
Art Status: Commissions are Closed {Ice and Snow} by Queen-of-Ice101  Trades Are On Hold by Queen-of-Ice101

COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED INDEFINITELY AT THIS POINT AND TIME- I am in the middle of a long term and in depth project and don't have the time to take on any commission projects. I apologize for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience.


At long last I am opening up commissions, something I've been wanting to do for a while but just never did. Currently all commissions will be points commissions, but if this ends up working out I also have plans to eventually sit down and figure out PayPal to make available multiple types of commissions options. 

This journal will outline the types of commissions I do, as well as the general process as well as what I will and will not do. At the bottom will be a list of commissions that are in progress/on the starting wait list. 

Currently this is just in the testing phase of figuring out the most efficient way to run this, so bear with me as I iron out the kinks in my system.

Right now I have a variety of commissions available and in the coming months I hope to add a couple more options as well as update the examples for current ones with work from ongoing projects. 

I will also be including information about trades for anyone that might be interested:) Please however do be aware that unlike with commissions, I will only be open to accept one at a time. When the trades are on hold Stamp is posted, that means that once the current project is finished trades will be reopened. Trades will also be marked down below in the ongoing projects list to indicate what work for fellow users is in process. 



Headshots and upper body portraits: I will do headshots and upper body portraits for up to two characters in a scene. 
Ice Fey- Headshot by Queen-of-Ice101 My Beating Heart- Digital by Queen-of-Ice101

Chibi Works: I will do chibi works for up to two characters in a scene or as a freefloating sketch. 
Snowy Night {An Aveyond 1 Fanart} by Queen-of-Ice101 Aveyond Year of the Rooster by Queen-of-Ice101

Quick Misc Drawings and Memes: As the option title says, this is for the miscellaneous quick sketches that don't fit in any other category and small memes you might want done. 

Here Lies Berry by Queen-of-Ice101The Aveyond 31 Day Challenge by Queen-of-Ice101

You are more then welcome to request anything you like, please don't however ask for anything from the below list as your commission will be refused. 

I will NOT draw:
Fetish art of any kind
Hate art
sexually explicit/porn
Pedophalic relationships

Short Fanfics: I will write short fanfics for a requested fandom so long as I know the fandom you are wanting. All of the fandoms that I currently write my own works for can be found listed in my DeviantArt Fanfiction Calalogue for fandom specific works if you wish to see how I write certain characters. If you don't see your fandom there definitely be sure to ask anyway because I follow a lot more series that I don't currently write for. Please note that at this time I will only write for known fandoms and fandoms I'm knowledgable enough in the story of to be able to accurately portray the requested character. 

Below is a list of popular fanfic types that I will do, I've seen some writers refuse commissions for some of the below topics so I wanted to clarify right off the bat that they are things I will write for. 

Pairing work including cannon, non-cannon, and crackpairings.
Darker work including non graphic suicide and violence between characters
Humour/angst/character introspective/etcetera 
Character x Readers

Smut or slash of any kind
Abuse made romantic
Pointless character bashing written for no other reason then to attack characters/fans
Works with vulgar language.
Rape or domestic abuse

Please do not request the above listed NOT topics as those commissions will be refused. I have no issue with those that are into those things or enjoy writing them. I am either just not comfortable writing them or not confident in my ability to accurately and convincingly portray those topics within commissioned work. 


Where can you commission?

Currently I am doing all commissions through the commissions module avalable through DA widgets. Prices will be stated for each piece inside the widget for each commission option. 

PLEASE BE AWARE that if at any point I receive a commission I am not comfortable with whether it violates an above rule or I am not confident in my ability to produce quality work due to the detail or technical challenge of a request I can and will refuse it. If this happens payment will be immediately returned and if I personally know anyone who will be able to take care of your commission request I will also point you in the direction of that user. 

If you have any any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below:) This journal will be updated if a new commission option is being added, current commission info is being updated, I am changing the commissions status and either opening them or closing them, or a current commission is being added to the wait list. 

Works are first come first serve at this point and time, if you have a time constraint that a work needs to be done in please be aware that there will be a small extra charge added in order to bump you in line and to compensate for other projects put on hold so I can get your commission done in the requested timeframe. 


Pending Commissions and Trades

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So crazy exciting news that I must shaaaareWoohooooo!  As many of you who follow me probably already know my fandom obsession is Aveyond and I have quite a lot of work for it. Well in the last couple weeks I finally finished my first Aveyond fanfic and was able to mark it as complete on the official forums. Today I decided to check the official Aveyond Facebook page for updates and low and behold I saw this: the creator of Aveyond actually saw my fanfic and posted the link to Facebook!!!  :happybounce: :eager: by darkmoon3636 :squee: 
I have found the most amazing composer on youtube, his music is break taking!! I have found my new favourite instrumental songWoohooooo! 
HEADS UP GUYS! So I was doing a search for something DA related in google and one of the results for a deviation I clicked. It had the DA title and the pic that comes with webpages but it wasn't DA, it's a site that starts with http slash DON'T CLICK IT, once you do it'll pop up for a few seconds as the DA page it promised, before immediately rerouting you to what looked like an underage porn site before I closed out, which will then more then likely end up with your computer loaded down with viruses. I'm just glad I have my firewalls up and working. Be careful of false DA links!!
In the last few days I've been trying to go through the new deviation stacks of the people I watch so that I can fav/comment on work, so if you get a massive stack of favs/comments from me I apologize for the spam and you now know why haha. 
I'm working on a written fandom adaption of a Greek myth right now, and the amount of research that just went into finding ancient clothing for the deities was a headache and a halfI think I've fainted.  I went through several hours of google image pictures to find the right clothing, wading through pointless costumes and hundreds of images of just general greek gods statues and artworkNuu  Now after realizing that I am in over my head I requested that if I ever get the crazy idea to do an in-depth mythological series again my friends need to hit me. Hard. Grump 

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LadyMintLeaf Featured By Owner 2 days ago   General Artist
Thank you so much for the :+fav:!!:D
Queen-of-Ice101 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Writer
You're welcome!!
ServantofJesus Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
Thanks a lot for more favourites :thanks: :hug:
Queen-of-Ice101 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Writer
You're welcome!!
Candy3Steam Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Miranda, what happened to Tiffany? She's just, gone. In possibly less than 2 hours.
Queen-of-Ice101 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Writer
Check notes, I don't want to explain here and have a person jumping into the convo. 
monajenkins Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2017  Student General Artist
Do you accept requests?
Queen-of-Ice101 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2017  Student Writer
It depends on what you're looking for:) For more in depth projects I'm not accepting requests due to everything I have on the go and the time/material that goes into it, but if it was something like this for random example: Here Lies Berry I would absolutely be willing to do a request:) 

However if you did want a larger project done, I do have points commissions open. I haven't finished setting up the commissions prices and journal yet right now since I haven't had the time but I'd be more then happy to work something out separate from that if thats what you were looking for!
monajenkins Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2017  Student General Artist
It's okay and I understand. No Thank you for the project and it's okay. You interesting and good artistic style.😁👍🏿
Queen-of-Ice101 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017  Student Writer
Thank you! I'm glad you like my art^__^ Hopefully you find someone who does requests for whatever project it is you're looking to get done!!
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