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Hello and welcome you to the official DeviantArt Queen-of-Ice101 profile!:snowflake:

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ATTENTION: If you've left a comment on any of my pieces or in response to a comment I've made and I don't get back to you, please don't think I'm ignoring you! I have notifications getting lost in my alerts quite regularly due to how many notifications have been flooding in, oftentimes I'm finding that I never actually see the notifications. If you really want to get ahold of me and have me respond quickly then make sure to send me a note.

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Dear Sister/Brother,
I know we haven't always gotten along but you really do mean the world to me. I love goofing off with you and competing with you in ultra mario cart battles. You're going into the very begining of being a teen now and you're about to enter a rollarcoaster straight from hell, but you're an amazing a goodhearted person. You're better then those games, and I know that you'll shine a light amongst your friends that others seem to lose in the pursuit of being cool. I'll always be here for you, and i will most likely nag you for help with Minecraft because no matter how long I have that game I will be a perpetual n00b XD

Dear ex boyfriend, 
I have no words left for you. May you one day reap in hundredfold all you have done to me and every other girl. Enjoy yourself in hellsmall heart - black 

Dear ex girlfriend
Never had oneShrug 

Dear ex best friend,
I wish that we hadn't drifted apart sometimes, but I know it was for the best as we're walking two very seperate paths in life now. I'll always value the years of our friendship. Sometimes I see your pictures on Instagram, and I'm so happy you've finally found your people that accept you for you and that you've found love. I always look forward to seeing you when you come into town, and i wish you the best in everything.

Dear best friend,
Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin, and when we take over the world I know that we with both give humanity the boot upside the head it needs and have ultimate control over the best foods in the world. All you can eat noodles here we come XD   Really hope that one day that we can travel the world to all the theme parks we want:D

Dear person I miss,
I love hanging out with you and I wish we lived in the same town so we could hang out a lot more^^  It's amazing how we can be apart for ages and then reconnect as if no time has passed. I really hope that you're able to get that job promotion you're working towards, and that your boyfriend buys you all the amazing sushi you could ever want. I'm so looking forward to coming up to visit you this year and learning how to make sushi with you:D 

Dear person I hate,
You left a mark on me I'll never truly lose, one that's coloured my entire life. But you were wrong about one thing, that I'd never be wothwhile enough and valued enough to find someone. I held out and found someone, and he's more the man then you'll ever be in every way. When I walk by you now you don't recognize me, gone is the pink princess you used to know and in her place a woman that has more then enough strength to bring you to your knees if you're ever foolish enough to try to touch me the way I know you have other girls that have the misfourtune of walking by. I'm older, wiser and stronger then you'll ever know. You won't get away with your crimes forever, our world is opening it's eyes and the #metoo movement is pulling the covers in a big way. Karma's a bitch sweetheart, you'll be getting your own given to you soon.

Dear mom,
You have been the support system in my life for as long as I can remember, I love you so much. As I get older I'm only just starting to understand everything you've given up for me and little sister. Thank you so much, for being there to wipe away the tears, for lifting me up when I fell and for teaching me what it meant to be a good person. You let me be myself in many ways, and although there are things I may never be able to share with you, I know that you love me. Thank you.

Dear dad,
Dad, you've taught me so much. From how to ride a bike, to how to make killer nachos, and what it is to have a work ethic and that there is nothing wrong with defending myself. You were a partner in crime for all the ice cream escapades, and the one that always had my back when I had to defend myself with my fists and my words alike. You never let me get away with the stupid crap as a kid and teen, and although I hated it then I'm very thankful now. I know that without your help I'd not be the person I am today. I love you dad, thank you for everything.

Dear future me,
Have you achieved your writing dreams yet?? I hope so, and that you've got a solid group of friends that you can have fun with. Remember to feed yourself, that writing sentence can wait for nutrition!!

Dear past me,
I know it feels like it's never going to get better but I promise it does. You will get away from those people, you do have the strength to fight back, you are worthwhile and you will make it. Hold on, it won't be forever in that place.

Dear person I’m jealous of,
I don't really have one tbh

Dear girlfriend/boyfriend
You are honestly one of the most patient people I know, and I care so much about you. It's crazy to think that when we first met I simply thought you were going to be another friendly face, one I chatted a bit with but nothing more then that. Yet somehow we ended up talking more and more and here we are now. I'll never forget how when you started showing interest in getting close I freaked out, and proceeded to "stab you" with an RP sword XD yet despite all my insecurities and the way I have a bad habit of biting out when I'm nervous or dealing with a topic that scares me you stuck with it and cared. You've become a bright spot in my days, I love chatting and spending time with you, and I hope that someday soon I can vocalize these things to you rather then having my mushy moments where you'll never seeHeart 
Soooo creative block is sorta back:D I have a lot on my mind as well as some ideas for projects buuuuut none that can be released yet sooooo to sorta get back into the the flow of things and get back into DeviantArt I'm trying to do memes. I might redo a few old ones as well, since a lot for me has changed in the last few months. I might to a journal on that soon actually, but it's a more serious/hopeful one so I won't put everything as the intro to a meme XD XD

Yes, you read that right – I made a music quiz. I love doing these things, but it kinda annoys me that so many of them recycle questions from other ones – so I decided to make my own and be creative about it!
Put your iPod/MP3 player/whatever on shuffle and go to the next song, putting down the title as the answer to each question, no matter how strange it sounds. No cheating, people!
1. Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister walks up to you and says, “I wanna rock! ROCK!”; you reply:
2. Your pet elf just got hit by a car. You storm up to the driver, punch them and yell:
3. You just failed the same mission in a video game for the 20th time in one hour. Frustrated, you dropkick the TV into a wall and scream:
4. You just got pulled over for flipping off a state trooper. When he asks to see your license and registration, you reply:
5. Is your can of soda plotting to destroy you?
6. A rumor starts going around town about you; what is it about?
7. You get jumped by

Put your iPod/MP3 player/whatever on shuffle and go to the next song, putting down the title as the answer to each question, no matter how strange it sounds. No cheating, people! 

1. Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister walks up to you and says, “I wanna rock! ROCK!”; you reply:

Ruins - Ryder  (XD Lets just start this off with a ??? answer shall we?)

2. Your pet elf just got hit by a car. You storm up to the driver, punch them and yell:

Hold Me Down - Halsey  (XD Wth??)

3. You just failed the same mission in a video game for the 20th time in one hour. Frustrated, you dropkick the TV into a wall and scream:

Lights - Ellie Goulding

4. You just got pulled over for flipping off a state trooper. When he asks to see your license and registration, you reply:

Eyes Closed - Halsey  (My playlist is agaaaiiinnsstt meeeeee)

5. Is your can of soda plotting to destroy you?

Fear the Fever - Digital Daggers

6. A rumor starts going around town about you; what is it about?

Lies in the Dark - Tove Lo

7. You get jumped by someone who likes to punch people to the rhythm of a specific song. What song is it you get punched repeatedly to?

Centuries - Fall Out Boy

8. You’re wandering around New Mexico when you stumble across the secret desert hiding place of Kurt Kobain, Tupac and Elvis. Stunned by the fact that they’re alive, you slap your hands against your face, go weak in the knees and say:

No Promises - Cheat Codes feat. Demi Lovato

9. Eating at IHOP, you get upset because they went cheap and used powdered cheese in your omelet. You dump the plate down the waiter’s shirt and say:

Explode - Written by Wolves  (okay that one was amusing XD)

10. You just woke up in one of your favorite video games; what is the first thing that happens to you there?

Blow Your Mind - Dua Lipa

11. In transit with question 10, your favorite character from aforementioned game just came up to you and said ‘hello’; your response is:

Immortals - Fall Out Boy

12. You just watched a movie that started off really well, and then had the crappiest ending imaginable. Enraged to the point you want everyone to know about it, you call the local news station and scream: 

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy

13. You get abducted by the FBI. While being interrogated about something you know nothing about, the only thing you can think to tell them is:

Feral Hearts - Kerli

14. Your family is visiting and they’re driving you absolutely insane! What do you say in order to scare them out of your house?

Dance With The Devil - Breaking Benjamin 

15. Your friend somehow convinces you to try to snort a Tai red chili pepper. What do you say to them as you’re running around with your nose melting off?

Pretty Lies -  Written By Wolves

16. You just saw the most unbelievably scary thing in the universe O_O! Terrified, you call the cops. What do you tell the dispatcher you saw?

Mordred's Lulluby - Heather Dale

17. In a blind rage, you decide to take a flamethrower to someone because they said:

Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey

18.  Making an attempt to speak a language you have very little experience with, you accidentally offend someone. Turns out you told them:

19.A drug dealer just came up to you on the street and says, ‘You want it, I got it’. You think for a moment and reply:

Dusk Till Dawn - Sia & Zayne

20. You just managed to jump out of a plane before it crashed into the side of a mountain and have landed safely. Happy to be alive, you hug the ground and say:

Hotter then Hell - Dua Lipa

21. You just officially had your name changed! From now on, everyone will know you as:

Trust - Boy Epic

22. You just woke up on the set of a porn movie. You find the director and ask him exactly what’s going on. He tells you:

Jericho - Celldwellers

23. You just saw Fidel Castro walk down the street. You run after him, and he gets scared off because he thinks you’re an assassin. You chase him into an alleyway, and when he’s cornered, you get in his face and say:

Blame - Calvin Harris, John Newman

24. Your life just took the most delightful turn for the better! You smile and shout happily:

Heaven in Hiding - Halsey

25. You just joined a street gang. Your gang name is:

Russian Roulette - Tungevagg

26. Welcome to the mafia. For safety reasons, you are now called:

Live Like Legends - Ruelle

27. Some seriously weird dude is trying to make you fly a plane into a boat (don’t ask). Your response is:

I'm Gonna Show You Crazy - Bebe Rexha

28. A giant, rotting pile of garbage just came to life and started giving you advice. It told you:

All The Kings Horses - Karmina

29. From this day forth, your theme song will be:

Blood on My Hands - The Used   (Well that could get interesting...)

30. In the near future, you will:

Crazy In Love - Sofia Karlberg  (....but I don't want to be crazy in love ;-;)

Now go tag some pplz.

Uuuuuuu I tag.... whoever wants to do this because I'm too lazy to tag individuals. If you read this consider yourself tagged by me.
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Decided to take on the 30 Day OTP Challenge as to kind of kickstart sharing writing again:D Totally would reccomend it to others looking for art/writing prompts or wanting a fun challenge, I'm looking forward to doing it^^
So I've been doing a ton of looking into, and it looks like I may be able to go away to school in Germany come the 2019 school year:D  There are still some course requirements that need to be fulfilled but that's been a dream I've had for years, and it's finally something that just might be becoming a reality:squee: 
My bf is considering getting DeviantArt:D Im so excited about the idea that he might^^
Does anyone else find that Wattpad doesn't work as well for posting stories on desktop as it does in the app??
Found this song, it's completely perfect for my new character Lilith and her origin story.


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