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Happy Aveyond Valentines! :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 2 Aveyond Year of the Rooster :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 5 4 Aveyond Headcannon #6 :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 0 0 Aveyond Headcannon #5 :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 0 0
Aislday Adventure- An Aveyond One-shot
Te'ijel walked at the back of the pack, her feline-like eyes sweeping over the woods on either side of the path as she watched for any threats. Up ahead Edward and Stella were talking softly while Mel led the group through the woods, and a slight flicker of concern washed through Te'ijel as Mel stumbled sideways before righting herself.
The vampiress glanced up at the sky, taking in how dark it was getting and how many days they had been travelling with almost no sleep before sighing. Of course these stubborn humans would push through until they were nearly collapsing with exhaustion.
Snow was falling softly through the air as they pushed through and Te'ijel noticed just how badly Mel, Stella and Edward were shivering, and how the bottoms of their clothes were soaking through because of the snow. She let out a barely heard sigh. It would do no good for them to catch their deaths out here.
"There is a city coming up ahead. The last signpost we passed a couple miles back said it's a smal
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 3
You Know You Are A Writer When......
This is a idea that I had and I thought would be a really fun one to do here on DeviantArt. This is a list of different funny and/or interesting things that we as writers notice ourselves doing on a daily basis. 
I thought this would be a fun thing that any of you who write, be in fiction or poetry or journalism or introspective pieces, can add to by mentioning yours in the comments below so I can add this to the list:)
So make sure that if you heave something to add to the list you mention it in the comments below! Let's see how big we can get this list^_^

1. You know you are a writer when if you were convicted of a crime and your innocence hinged on your internet history alone you would be convicted of more crimes then you could count. (From me:D)
2. You know you are a writer when someone says something funny and in your mind you are busy writing that Exchange into your story.  (From m
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Mel Darkthrop- Character Aesthetic :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0 Gyendal Ravenfoot- Character Aesthetic :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0 Te'ijal Ravenfoot- Character Aesthetic :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 0 Stella- Character Aesthetic :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0 Edward Pendragon- Character Aesthetic :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0 Galahad Teomes- Character Aesthetic :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 0 Aveyond Headcannon #4 :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 0 0 #13minutesofsilence :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 3 2
Shattered Truths- Chp 2 (An Aveyond Short fanfic)
                           Queen of Darkness
Yemite came forward and took the stone back from Mel as Gyendal stepped back and Mel closed her eyes before taking a deep breath and opening them again. Then she turned away from Gyendal and strode towards the stairs, her demon realm-faded red school robes swishing slightly as she tiredly mounted the stairs. 
"Before we start anything we need to figure out some clean clothes for you and where you're going to stay. Come to think of it, I need to find out where I'm going to be living as well. I haven't actually left the cathedral once since arriving here, I've just been taking the occasional nap in my chair downstairs." 
Gyendal snorted. 
"My, you actually sound like you might be dedicated to ruling the world now. Whatever brought around such a transformation?"
Mel stiffened
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 0 0
Blind Faith-Xmas Special pt2 (A Death Note Fanfic)
                          Christmas Blessings
Faith- 22
L- 27
The four of them headed towards the escalator as a group, staying close together as they tried to wade through the masses. It was packed with people, even on the escalator they were squished in with perfect strangers. When Faith got onto the escalator behind Light she felt Mello push her close to Light as Matt and Mello caged her in on each side.
As they rode up to the first level of the mall Faith waited eagerly for her first sight of the mall that would be decorated for Christmas. She pictured a few banners set up, some wreaths on the walls and Christmas music.
What met her eyes however when everything finally came into view was so much better.
"Oh...!" She gasped in delight.
There were massive sparking red banners that hung from the massive ceilings in the middle of everything all the way to partway
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 0 0


Glass House :iconjuliabohemian:Juliabohemian 13 2
Mary-Sues: Part 1
Mary-Sues: Things You Need to Know and What to Do If You See Them
Mary-sues, Martha-sues, Marty-stus, Larry-Stus and Gary-Stus, we will all come across them at one point.  Most of us have heard of them, some have been violently accused of making them via flaming, and others are still naïve to the terms.  While people who have been on writing sites for years absolutely loathe them, most are inconsistent with an all-around definition.  A majority claim that Mary-Sues are characters that are absolutely perfect in every shape, form and personality, while others just say that they are characters that are just too powerful, unique, or are so clichéd from past characters, and a few say they are self-inserts no matter how well-developed they are.  Some on fan fiction sites even say that all Original Characters or Fan Characters (OCs) who are paired with a canon character or just take the spotlight are Mary-Sues.  On the other side of the cr
:iconhatedlove6:HatedLove6 202 143
Kill the Pain
Voices and pain
Ringing in my brain
Again and again
Driving me insane,
I’m so sick of this fucking migraine…
I wonder if Death would kill this pain,
As painkillers seem to kill my brain
And I don’t want to be addicted again,
I don’t want to be that kind of insane,
I just want to kill this migraine…
Death would stop me feeling this sick
As there is no problem it cannot fix,
I start to wonder about what if
I was to finally jump off a cliff…
Death is preferable to this agony,
So dear friends, I’m going to plead
That you allow the end of my agony,
Let my spirit be freed
By letting Death take me
Before I lose my sanity…
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 4 0
It takes courage to say what you need to say;
It takes courage to take that leap of faith.
Risking it all for a chance of happiness…
Risking a life of pure loneliness…
I myself was always too scared, too afraid
To admit things between us were less than okay…
So to all readers with broken hearts:
Remember, that it takes more courage
To end… than to start.
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 24 22
Dandool~ :stare: :iconsarang-lee:Sarang-Lee 125 138 ~Moonlight Lovers~*^_^* :iconsarang-lee:Sarang-Lee 387 466 la-newton's cradle :iconkitlightning:KitLightning 226 52
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
"He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes into you."
— Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil 
    For all of you history buffs on this site, I'm sure that most of you know what the Horseshoe theory is. It's present in almost every political extremist group throughout the world, and despite being diametrically opposite in some ways, they also have a striking similarity to each other in terms of their actions, their definition of ideological opponents, and their motivations/goals. For those of you who have never heard of this term, the Horseshoe Effect is a political theory which asserts that far-left and far-right ends of the political spectrum closely resemble each other like the ends of a horseshoe. This in contrast to the more widely accepted, traditional
:icondpell251:dpell251 17 10
Death Meme?
1) So, Introduce your victims!
Sitting on the edge of a chair, legs crossed delicately left over right, is a very young looking blonde of Roman heritage. He smiles brightly, his sparkling emerald eyes reflecting both his worn personality and obvious experience with things both positive and negative. There is a very solemn gleam within his jewel-like irises, giving a bit more depth to his being alone…
2) Now write them... hung! (karaliaprincess: Hanged! *grammar grammar*)
What was the point in being led around like a street animal? People were already going to see his neck snap and break. The ropes were the icing on the cake, he supposed. People stared at him, their eyes boring holes into his very skin like they were some sort of pick being shoved through a block of wood. It would not be long before they would look over the next victim.
He looked up to see the face of the one who condemned him as well as the face of the one that he had thought was in support of his own ca
:iconkaraliaprincess:karaliaprincess 8 3
Writer's Block OC meme
Writer's Block OC meme
Created by: Trafalgarlawfangirl
I.  Alright guys, you know the drill, choose 5 of your OCs and add a short description below (Even if you know what they look like the people who read it don't! Write it as if you were explaining it to an idiot!). If you don't have 5 OCs then make one up on the spot! Seriously, sometimes the random characters you make are some of the ones you have the most fun with.
II. You (the writer) are walking around a busy part of town, at some point, you end up crossing paths with [Character One], neither of you recognize the other. As the two of you continue on your way, what was one thing you both noticed about the other?
III. [Character Three] or [Character Two] is trapped in a windowless room for the next 72 hours (3 days for those of you who won't do the math). Do they go crazy? What do they do to pass the time?
IV. [Character Five] is able to go to the past and tell their past self some advice for the future
:icontrafalgarlawfangirl:Trafalgarlawfangirl 220 41
Totally random insane crack OC meme :: Blank
- Pick 10 of your OC in any order. If you don’t have 10 characters use canon.
- Don't look at the questions while picking the characters!
- Link back to the blank.
- Have fun! :giggle:
1. How will [1] describe [6]?
2. [5] and [4] were locked in a closet together. What does [10] see when he/she found them?
3. For whatever reason, [7] decides to kiss [2]. How does [2] react?
4. [2] randomly walks in and sees [9] is at least half naked.
5. What is [3] theme song? Favorite food if [3] doesn’t have theme song.
6. And what is [8] opinion about [3] theme song? If [3] doesn’t have a theme song make [8] eats [3]’s wallet.
7. [5] has a drink in a bar and discovers [10] is a strip dancer.
8. So [5] was completely wasted and wakes up in bed next to… [9] and [1]?!
9. Something exploded and now [2], [6] and [8] are gender bended! How do they react?
10. [1] suddenly feels an urge to chase after unicor
:iconag-cat:Ag-Cat 619 288
Blank Character Situation Meme
Choose 10 characters:
1) 6 Enters your bedroom at night, saying (s)he had a nightmare. What do you do?
2) You're hosting a party with 3, 9, and 7. What's going on?
3) 1 says 9 stole his/her last (favorite food/drink). Reactions?
4) 4 and 9 are picking on 3. Why? What do you do?
5) 7 is spreading rumors about 2 and 10. What is it about?
6) 8 and 3 ask a favor of you. What for? Your reaction?
7) 3 and 4 have a big secret. You and 5 happen to stumble upon it. What is it?
8) 2 says that 1, 7, 8 are fighting over you. (S)he suggests 7. Who do you pick?
9) 5's birthday is today, but (s)he is all alone. What do you do?
10) 6 Wants to kiss you. What do you say?
11) 3 is obsessed with 10. How does 4 deal with his/her jealousy?
12) 1 is becoming really irritating. Why? Reaction?
13) You host a slumber party, inviting 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 over and you're being forced to pair up with someone to sleep with from losing a bet. Why? Who do you end up with?
14) Refer
:iconmasterofdice:MasterofDice 134 44
The OC Meme (Aiden Fletcher: Black Butler)
1) Choose one of your own characters (OC).
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Feel free to add some questions of your own.
1) What gender are you?
I-I'm a boy.
2) What is your age?
I'm eight years old, sir/m'am!
3) Do you want a hug?
H-Hugs are fine, when they're from my friends.
4) Do you have any bad habits?
I don't think I do, s-sir/m'am. I st-stutter a bit when I'm nervous...
5) What is your favourite food?
I like flapjacks, I do...!
6) What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?
Ice cream...? I've never 'ad it before. We don't get stuff like that in the orphanage. 
7) Are you a virgin?
W-What is that...?
8) Have you killed anyone?
No...! I never want to, either!
9) Do you hate anyone?
The man runnin' the orphanage, Mr. Bray, is a bit scary, but I don't hate him... so, no, I don't hate anyone really!
10) Do you have any secrets?
I-I can't tell you that! It wouldn't be a secret, then!
11) What is your favourite season?
I like the springtime so I can look at all the l
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Tutorial: Night Sky :icon0w0b:0w0b 203 21 Lord Sesshomaru :iconsarahrieker:SarahRieker 668 70
Commissions - On Hold
Last update: March 18th
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Pink heart bullet/emote  People that are already on the waiting list are not affected with the price/style change. 
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 How to order .:Bunny note:.

(Must) Send me a
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Artist | Student | Literature
Hello! I'm Miranda and I'd like to welcome you to the official Queen-of-Ice101 profile:)

ATTENTION: If you've left a comment on any of my pieces or in response to a comment I've made and I don't get back to you, please don't think I'm ignoring you! I have notifications getting lost in my alerts quite regularly due to how many notifications have been flooding in, oftentimes I'm finding that I never actually see the notifications. If you really want to get ahold of me and have me respond quickly then make sure to send me a note.

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A little about me:

I started on DeviantArt to hopefully connect to fellow fans, authors and artists and to share my work. For me this site offers a escape from the real world so that I can lose myself in the things I love. I am a aspiring author and desperately want to improve my writing, which is one of the main reasons I share my work is so that I can get critique and tips on how to improve.
Critiques wanted by prosaix

When I was nine I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition which unfourtanatly brings along a host of medical issues, mental illness and chronic pain. Because of this I am pretty much house bound right now and am on here most of the time so if you're struggling with medical issues, mental illness or chronic pain yourself feel free to send me a note or drop a comment below. I'm always happy to listen if you need someone to talk to.

I believe in respecting other people no matter their sexuality, race, faith, gender, political view, age or any other factor in their life. I prefer deciding my opinion on people based on how they treat me and those around them rather then on factors such as the aforementioned ones that really don't decide a person's personality. I will do my utmost best to respect everyone who engages in conversation with me whether you are wanting to debate something or just chat. However, if you are a jerk to me depending on my mood and pain lever I may be a jerk right back. You have been warned.......

I am also a Christian which means that my believe in Jesus will definitely be mentioned in various deviations so I ask that if you have a problem with Christians please keep it to yourself. I am aware of the rep that comes with Christianity about various hot points, however not all Christians are like that so please keep such biases to yourself.

I am a super fan of all things manga/anime and fantasy, especially Death Note and Aveyond so if you are a fan of either of these feel free to comment on my page and we can geek out together:D

I am also active on:



My Writing Blog:

For fellow Aveyond fans I can be found on……


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Fandoms I will write for: (If you don't see yours, feel free to ask anyway. I may have missed or forgotten one)

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Created by: :icontheagentofvenom:

Here Comes A 20-Question Meme Based on Death Note

Time to Write It Light Yagami Gif And Kill a Few Criminals...

If you're a Death Note fan, do 1-12.

1. Which Death Note style is better: Anime or Manga
Manga, definitely. The anime ending was wrapped up in a neat little package, but with the intensity and unsettling nature of the storyline it fell a bit flat. The way Light died in the manga had so much more impact, it stayed with me for a very, very long while and it still almost unsettles me each time I read it. The anime ending on the other hand, had no impact for me at all. 

(Lol, such a complicated answer for a rather simple question)

2. Favorite Death Note character?
Mello:D  I really loved all the characters, L especially, but Mello is definitely my fav. L, Near and even Light all fought for the same goal, their version of justice. However, Mello seemed to really care less about justice, his goal was almost entirely selfish. He wanted revenge, he wanted to be first, and he wanted to get rid of a tyrant. I don't remember him mentioning justice even once in the manga series. For me, that very realistic look at human nature really appealed to me. 

Lol, I thought he was a girl though at the beginning....

3. Least favorite? 
Mikami. He's the representation of everything wrong with this world, someone who follows their belief so blindly that indiscriminately killing people means nothing if it furthers their goal for a "better world", and they feel they have the right to decide who's life is worthwhile according to their standards. 

4. Most underrated?
Sachiko Yagami, Light's mom. She gets even less screentime then her daughter Sayu, but her character has always stood out to me. She is a quiet woman with two children and every day her husband goes out and puts his life on the line with what appears to be her full support. Then she watches as her son starts to follow in his father's footsteps and one day be out there putting his life on the line just like his father. 

Then when Kira rolls around and her husband joins the Kira task force, throwing himself quite literally into thick of the battle and all the while Sachiko quietly supports him behind the scenes, standing by his side and encouraging him as he works himself near to death fighting an invisible enemy. 

Sachiko is probably one of the biggest victims of Kira, watching her daughter fall apart after being kidnapped because of the Kira case, learning that her husband had just died because of the Kira case, and then losing her son to the Kira case. Hardly recognized, and yet probably one of the most influential characters behind the scene with her silent support and love. 

5. Most overrated? 

*flees for my life as the rabid fangirls attack by the droves*

Before you flame me below just hear me out. I am a major L fan, he's my second favourite character and I was majorly upset when he died. However, I believe he is also the most overrated character in the entire series for several reasons. 

When you look at the main characters in the series as companion works you see so many varying personalities and driving actions behind their decisions. Mello wants revenge and wants to be number one. Near wants revenge and wants to bring Kira to justice. Light wants to cleanse the world of the criminals that cause suffering. Misa fights for Kira because she's been a first hand victim of how broken the justice system is. Beyond Birthday from Death Note: Another Note wanted to prove that he could outsmart L out of anger for always being second best and the lesser copy. 

All L wanted to do was solve a impossible case and get rid of the guy that was threatening his brand of justice. 

His character was probably the least developed and grown out of all the characters, we never learn anything in his past, we never see his real personality, he never truly shows emotion and through the series we never get past the surface of his character with the visible quirks, We never learn the real passion that drives him. 

For me he's like Ryuk and Matt, no real true depth of character within the cannon series, but so many fun he hilarious quirks and just overall lovable. Plus there is sooooo much opportunity for fan delevopment within fancomics and fanfiction:D

.....but he's still overrated. 

6. Describe...Matsuda in three words.
Goofy, earnest, naive. 

7. Who you do ship together in Death Note?
No one lol? I'm not a Yaoi fan, which really limits the shipping possibilities. But if I were to choose anyone, the idea of MisaxMatt has always amused me. From the fan development that a person can do from the snipits we see of his character, he makes me think of that really laid back guy that would be the one to calm the spazzing out Misa and tolerate her fashion blather and clingyness. 

Plus I think that if they were in a romantic relationship (hence, they are romantically interested in each other unlike Light and Misa)  I think that fandeveloped Matt would probably take the time to show her attention when she needed it and would treat her like a worthwhile person that actually mattered. 

8. Favorite episode of Death Note?
Hmm, I haven't been able to watch the entire series and each episode full way through, but it would probably be Ep. 30 Justice. The meeting between Near and Mello after the Mafia explosion was one of my favourite parts in both anime and manga. 

9. Favorite music from Death Note? <[insert link]>
I got ahold of the track and with the help of GarageBand made this my ring tone:D

10. Did you like the ending? why or why not?
For the anime, no. 

For the manga, I'm not sure that "like" would be the right term. It fit the story the best, left the series feeling complete for me, and definitely had the intended effect of unsettling. But liked it? Not particularly, all the characters that were part of the core battle were dead other then Ryuk and Near. If Mello or Matt had survived, (cause there was really no point in Matt dying, it contributed nothing to the plot) I think I would have liked it. 

However, it was undeniably the most impactful and probably the best ending to any manga series I've read yet. 

I just didn't like it, persay. 

11. Come up with an alternate ending (2-3 sentence min.)
Mello survives somehow and ends up reluctantly working alongside Near for the final Yellow Box warehouse confrontation. After Lights massive speech/soliloquy or insanity when Matsuda was going to shoot Light, Mello does it instead and goes completely gun happy on Light, nearly killing him but not ending him completely since Light must still go through the humiliating death that made the manga ending. 
Then Mello gets arrested, because after everything he's done he so earned being thrown in prison for a few years, maybe I'd have him escape after he's suffered for a bit.

12. Which other show should it have a crossover with?
A modern day Black Butler, hands down. The very thought of Light and a demon Ciel going head to head would be really quite interesting and more then a little entertaining. It would be the best:D

Continue to this section.

13. Is anime life?
Nah, it's definitely an awesome part of life but my life doesn't revolve around it lol. 

It revolves around Aveyond:D

Haha kidding, I have my fandoms that I'm super into but I have a life outside of my fictional obsessions, I don't think it's all that healthy to push aside all other hobbies and stuff for fiction. 

14. Do you think anime is for kids?
.......this is a Death Note meme. I think that answers the question all by itself. 

15. if you have a gf/bf and they said anime was for kids, what would your response be? (respond with a meme)
Untitled by Queen-of-Ice101
(Discovered courtesy of google images:D)

16. Name one Nintendo series that should have an animated series.
I don't really play stuff on Nintendo, but I guess if I were to pick one it would be Zelda. 
Buuuuttt..... if it was any video/computer game I knew of that should be turned into a animated series, Aveyond for the win!!! (Lol Ima unashamed superfan, what can I say)

17. Name one anime show that shouldn't exist. *cough* DB Super *cough*
Boku no Pico. 

My friend was venting about horrible anime that that one was at the top of her list although she never said why, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. That anime should be burned and the creators mobbed-_- It's disgusting, and it should not exist. 

18. Best anime in your opinion.
Hmm....probably Death Note or Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Lol, once I get a chance to watch Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic it'll probably be added to that list though:D

19. Overrated?
Probably Naruto or Sailor Moon. I'm so sick of seeing anime/manga stuff for those series-_-

20. Underrated?
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun I guess. I don't really watch much anime, I prefer reading the manga. The story is usually more enjoyable I've found. Oh, I don't know if this one called Toradora is really well known, but if it isn't then it really should be so if that's the case I would classify it as underrated too. 

21. Most favorite anime character(s)
L, Mello, Near, Sebastian, Sohma, Lau, Ciel, Undertaker, Kyoko Mogami, Ren Tsuruga, Yashiro, Chiyo Sakura, Mikoshiba, and the main cast of OHSHC.....

Yeah, I have a lot of favourites lol. 

22. Least favorite anime character(s)
Hmm...... Takada, Mikami, Viscount Druitt, Alois, Claude, Tamaki's Grandmother from OHSHC. Those are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. 

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Hi everyone!! So another year is coming to a close, soon it will be 2017 and the yearly holiday hype will be behind us as we all go on with our usual lives, and online we all go on with our usual posting schedule. For this year end, I kind of wanted do do something kind of fun to celebrate the end of the year, thus this journal. 

In this journal I will be sharing some different users here on DeviantArt that are really awesome and I'd like to share with you all, to encourage you to checkout their work and say hi^_^ All of these users have a lot of talent in different mediums, and I just want to promote and share them and their work as kind of a year-end celebration/gift. 

Lets start!!

First off is the wonderful :iconinkhate:. This user happens to be a close friend of mine in real life, and her art style is amazing and unique. It was her artwork that inspired me when we were much, much younger to explore art, and she has helped me, and continued helping me, as I grow in visual art. I would like to really encourage you all to check out her work, I garuntee you will not be disappointed with the work that you see.

Next up is :iconjoscelynloweart: who is a talented artist whom I also know in real life. Her paintings are amazing, and her drawing skills are just as much so. She has deviations in several different mediums and I'm positive that anyone would love her work, no matter what artistic genre they prefer. Check her out for sure!

Then we have 
:iconsoulful-sorrow: who's writing is one that I think everyone will enjoy, it's impactful and connects to the reader. He is not only a skilled writer, but also a very friendly and fun to talk to user. I'd highly encourage you all to check out his work!

Next is :icontheagentofvenom: who also is a writer that I would like to reccomend. This user writes really interesting FanFiction's and is also a really friendly and fun user who is always willing to go the extra mile to help other users. You all should definitely check this user out.

And now I present :iconangelerenoir: who is both a extremely talented artist, and is a epically awesome Aveyond fan and crackshipper:D This user is one I found through Aveyond fanart, however this user draws much more then Aveyond, and all her work is extremely well done. I definitely reccomend you check this user out!

Next is :iconforeverartist5454: This user has amazing photography and has pieces in a variety of different mediums. If you like photography and nail art then you'll especially like this users work! She is also friendly and fun to talk to^_^  Definitely check her and her work out!!  

And then we have :iconthesewingsofdarkness: who's poetry has given me chills. Their writing is truly amazing, and I believe that a lot of people could identify with their work. They are also really friendly and fun to talk to^_^ Be sure to check them and their work out!!!

Next up is :iconsorrelfrost54: this user is a fellow PJO fan who I found though common interest and I just had to put on this list. She is extremely friendly and is currently posting a PJO fanfiction that I'm sure fellow PJO fans will enjoy^_^ Take some time to check her out!

And now we have :iconsnowbunniesx: a friendly, fun to talk to and talented user who posts Aveyond fanwork:) If you are a Aveyond fan, or appreciate digital work then I suggest you check her out!! I'm sure you'll like what you see^_^

Next is :iconredtigerlugano: who posts some amazing art in a couple of different genres. He is currently making a manga that is being posted, and he is really friendly and enjoyable to chat with. Make sure to take time and stop by his page to check out him and his work!!

Now I present :iconqueenspazdracka: who posts really awesome art!! Her style is really unique and looks really awesome, it's super creative! She's also super awesome to talk with! I would highly reccomend you check her out! You won't regret it, I'm sure!

Next up is :iconparadigm-shifting: This user is someone I came across in his mission to reach out to as many people as possible in kindness, to help support other users and creating a supportive community here on DeviantArt. He has a lot of interesting and thought provoking work and I reccomend you check him out!

Then I present :iconkaterinaroy: who is a talented artist and someone who is also striving to reach out to as many as possible in kindness and caring. I met this user through paradigm-shifting and together they are working to try and make this community a more encouraging place. She posts some really interesting and unique art pieces that I really quite like and I think you guys will as well, and also posts a lot of introspective pieces that really makes a person think. Make sure to check her out!!

And we have :iconhinata-teh-lefty: who is a really talented artist!! She does commissions, fanart, original work, and everything inbetween!! She's friendly and fun to talk to, and her work is something that I think anyone would enjoy looking through. Really reccomend you take the time to check her and her work out!!

Next up is :iconthehollowgirl: who's poetry is extremely impactful and is something that a impression on you even after you move on to other work. Her writing skills are absolutely amazing and anyone who has gone through dark times could really identify with her work. Highly, highly reccomend you take the time to check her and her work out!

Next we have :iconlady1venus: who has a wide range of mediums she works in. Her work is really awesome! If you like fanfiction definitely take the time to check out her fanfiction folder, and if you enjoy manga/anime then you'll really appreciate some of the fanwork folders she has!! She's also really friendly and fun to talk to:) Definitely make sure to check her out!!

And now we have :icontimemusic15: I know this user in real life as well (hey cuz:D) and if you like digital and anime style art, transformers or starwars then you are going to want to check her out!! She has a really awesome art style, and really fun to talk to, especially if you want to chat about a fandom^_^ You'll really want to make sure to take time and check out her work!!


Well, that's it for the User Share Journal this year!!! Next year I hope to do this again because I really enjoyed putting this together. 

This is just a few of the users that are awesome and you should check out, if you want more new users to check out be sure to take a look at others in my friends list, check out my watchers, and check out all the awesome work from talented users in my favourites!! 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!!
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  • Watching: Nada~
  • Playing: Nothing~
  • Eating: Fish Crackers:D
  • Drinking: Water


Uuurrgg I am so frustrated right nowStare 
My medical condition comes with a whole slew of irritating issues, and the heart Stuff aside there was a chance I would also inherit the potassium issues which can cause periodic paralysis. I managed to make it past the age when females are supposed to manifest the paralysis, but now I'm laid out on the couch with the stupid paralysis  resenting my existence as I accept the crappy reality that the universe hates me and I can only escape genetics for so long. Thanks a bunch lifeGrump 
Oy!! Why did DeviantArt move my recent journal into my latest deviations tab?!? Those categories are separate for a reason!! Stare 
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! Hope you guys are all having an awesome one^_^
I've actually hit the fifty watchers mark!!! Thank you everyone^_^
I just finished the Death Note Live Action TV Drama, and it has broken me permanently. 


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