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Games of Domination- An Aveyond Oneshot Fanfic
                                        Games of Domination 
Mel paced the library in the back of the cathedral, each step she took only helping to fuel the rage inside. She was such a fool! Just giving in like that, as if she was a helpless girl that couldn't handle herself.
And then there was that little situation with his betrayal as Spook...the fact that her friends had nearly died because he had come that close to channeling the magic through her and the orb.
Behind her she heard the door to the room she was currently in open before closing behind the newcomer and a snarl pulled at her lips, she knew exactly who had just entered.
"Might as stay put and relax like a good little lamb, pacing and wasting all that energy is worthless to you here."
Mel slowed to a stop, back to him. Her eyes narrowed
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 2
A Dream Come True- An Aveyond Oneshot Fanfic
                                        A Dream Come True
The chance of this happening had terrified her since her friends had first coecered her to let them join her quest, innocent, caring Stella and exuberant, loyal Edward. Both marching cheerfully alongside Mel towards the very large chance of death with an extra dose of weevils courtesy of the most hated vampire in all of Aia.
Then when Stella had died during their quest for the Orb of Life Mel was devastated, she had lost her best friend and practically sister. It had been the happiest day of her life when the Orb of Life had brought Stella back. She had vowed that day never to let Stella be put in danger because of her again, leaving her far behind and cutting off all contact with her once she had decided to live in Harkuna despite how painful the
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 1
An Aveyond New Year- Aveyond Oneshot Fanfic
                                        Aveyond New Year
As their ragtag group approached Peliad Mel glanced around her, noting the sounds of celebration and the suddenly busy streets of people milling around.
"What is taking place here?" Yvette asked
"It's New Years! Every year Peliad had a big celebration and we all gather in the main square to watch the local mages set up a magic firework display!" June exclaimed.
Mel groaned, rubbing her forehead tiredly. She had forgotten that New Years was today.
"Damn. That means that we won't be able to sleep until at least after one when things calm down. What a utter pain." She muttered. "We might be able to eat and relax in the furthest corner of the city from the celebrations though."
Yvette, Edward and June all turned to her with horrified looks.
"What?! You
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 0
Things The Aveyond Characters Cannot Do- Mel
                                         Things Mel Cannot Do
1. I cannot run away from Edward when he's annoying
2. I am not allowed to steal from the nobles
3. I am not allowed to steal from anyone
4. Even if they are stuck up snotty stick up the- CENSORED
5. "Accidentally" spilling water on Stella's white dress so that she'll change into travel sensible clothes is forbidden.
6. Tricking Edward into eating fire ants is also banned
7. Oiling the bottom of Te'ijal's boots so she'll end up un graceful for once in her life is a bad idea, it's also dangerous for my health if she catches me
8. I cannot tell Galahad that it's so romantic how he looks at Te'ijal unless I w
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 5
Shattered Truths Epilogue- An Aveyond Short Fanfic
                                               Trial and Error
"The flash flood wiped out all the crops in Clearwater, the ground just wasn't able to soak up the sudden unusual influx of rain and it washed out their fields." Gyendal said, Mel watching as he leaned over her to outline the flooded areas on the map.
"That could pose a large problem, were the houses flooded out as well?"
Gyendal nodded.
"Some of them were, but only the ones in lower areas by the fields. The rest are fine for the most part."
Mel sighed and leaned back in her chair.
"I'll sent Yemite to go to Shadwood Acadamy and retrieve a couple of mages who can move the water away from the crops and houses, and can repair both the crops and the damaged houses. I'll send a letter with Yemite to make sure a large amoun
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 3
Shattered Truths Chp 5- An Aveyond Short Fanfic
                                            The Birth of a Empire
Mel stood in front of the massive mirror in her closet, staring at the ornate black chest plate clutched in her hands. Months of planning, of recruiting, of training and overseeing whole armies being built to fight at her command. It was all coming to this moment.
All the voices in her mind, the part of her that still resisted the prophecy and her rule that she had locked away was finally breaking free. Screaming at her that this was not the way, that she was becoming everything she feared and if she took this step there would never be a chance she could back out.
Mel's eyes closed and she felt her pulse speed up as she began to near hyperventilate. When this was all over she will have fulfilled the prophecy, she will have be
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0
Shattered Truths Chp 4- An Aveyond Short Fanfic
                                              A Choice to Trust
Night had fallen over Velahadra and while Edward and Stella retreated to their rooms to sleep Te'ijel walked along the sewer tunnels until she found the entrance into the jungle, walking soundlessly through the trees as she looked up at the stars.
She spun to see Galahad standing only mere feet away and raised a brow.
"Yes husband."
"Something has been troubling you for the last couple of days. What is it?"
Te'ijel took a long breath, running her tongue absently along her newly restored fangs.
"I've been thinking about what happens next if we fail. Or rather, when we fail."
Galahad opened his mouth but Te'ijel held up a hand.
"It is not a matter of if Galahad, and you know it as well as I do. I have joined this bec
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0
Shattered Truths Chp 3- An Aveyond Short Fanfic
                                                When Lines Blur
In the next weeks Mel had zero time to do anything but work at her desk, going through laws, deciding where she needed to take first, responding to letters from the royalty from the various non-human countries who wished to discuss what her rulership meant for their people.
In the office on the other side of the divider Gyendal was just as busy. Since he had started working with her they had been working for most of the time and at each other's throats the rest. Resentment on both sides that they were forced to work together in order to keep their hold on the power they currently possessed was at the forefront of their minds.
"Mel. The darkling claims that they have information about a search that you sent out."
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0
MY LOKI LANYARD, YAY!!!! by Queen-of-Ice101 MY LOKI LANYARD, YAY!!!! :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 3 6 The Shadow Siren by Queen-of-Ice101 The Shadow Siren :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 3 6 The Aveyond 31 Day Challenge by Queen-of-Ice101 The Aveyond 31 Day Challenge :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 4 Snowy Night {An Aveyond 1 Fanart} by Queen-of-Ice101 Snowy Night {An Aveyond 1 Fanart} :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 3 10 Through the Eyes of a Writer by Queen-of-Ice101 Through the Eyes of a Writer :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 5 5 PJO Headcannon Gift for Sister by Queen-of-Ice101 PJO Headcannon Gift for Sister :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 9


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I have several groups that I am running right now and I would like to hopefully start doing contests, however in order to do so I need to be able to award prizes and I am point poor which makes that rather difficult. Thus, any donations would be more then welcome and be greatly appreciated!!

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Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123

ATTENTION: If you've left a comment on any of my pieces or in response to a comment I've made and I don't get back to you, please don't think I'm ignoring you! I have notifications getting lost in my alerts quite regularly due to how many notifications have been flooding in, oftentimes I'm finding that I never actually see the notifications. If you really want to get ahold of me and have me respond quickly then make sure to send me a note.


Hello! I'm Miranda & I would like to welcome you to the official DeviantArt Queen-of-Ice101 profile:snowflake:

Positive Welcome Stamp by Chai-Fox Points Commissions Stamp by HornedStorm :iconcommenters1plz::iconcommenters2plz:

I started on DeviantArt to hopefully connect to fellow fans, authors & artists and to share my work. For me this site offers a escape from the real world so that I can lose myself in the things I love. I am a aspiring author & desperately want to improve my writing, which is one of the main reasons I share my work is so that I can get critique & tips on how to improve.
Critiques wanted by prosaix

I am a super fan of all things manga/anime and fantasy, especially Death Note and Aveyond so if you are a fan of either of these feel free to comment on my page and we can geek out together :woohoo:

When I was nine I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition which unfourtanatly brings along a host of medical issues, mental illness/disabilities such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety & Depression etcetera, & chronic pain. Because of this I am pretty much house bound right now & am on here most of the time so if you're struggling with medical issues, mental illness or chronic pain yourself feel free to send me a note or drop a comment below. I'm always happy to listen if you need someone to talk to. Please also don't feel uncomfortable about asking questions if you are curious, I will not get angry or offended, no matter how blunt the question. My goal is to raise awareness for all these things & I am very open about what I do and do not face for that reason:)
ASD stamp (animated) by somethingzenzen Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by XxDiaLinnxX ST: Anxiety Disorder Awareness by JSTradArt
Understand Don't Pity by Amybunbun poking fun at my disability stamp by UnassumingLocalLady

Speaking of being open about disability. Struggles or no, you are never justified in being a jerk or treating someone badly for it. It is an explanation, not an excuse. If you say something crappy, apologize. Don't expect people to respect your crap behaviour & accept you being a twat just because you have an issue, respect is earned & it does not come from you being an entitled jerk.
ADHD stamp by Nethrion It's Not An Excuse by World-Hero21 Stop Hiding Behind This. by silvvy

I believe in respecting other people no matter their sexuality, race, faith, gender, political view, age or any other factor in their life. I prefer deciding my opinion on people based on how they treat me and those around me. I will do my utmost best to respect everyone who engages in conversation with me whether you are wanting to debate something or just chat, so feel free to hop on over if you're looking for someone to exchange ideas with! However, if you are a jerk to me depending on my mood & pain level I may be a jerk right back. You have been warned.......

I'm a Christian, however as I said above I do not allow stereotypes to decide my treatment of others. If you don't agree/like my faith that is totally fine, just please be respectful of the fact that my faith is important to me & don't diss me for it^__^

To fellow Christians: You are more then welcome to hang out on my profile and work, but if you treat others like crap I could care less the religious label you apply to yourself I will call you on being a jerk and I will block you. I'm done with seeing "Christians" treating others badly, you don't like that then don't waste my time by leaving a comment. It's really that simple:) (added due to...incidents on and off my work)

Yeah. There is a difference. by XxDiaLinnxX


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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

{Never seen/read Harry Potter but was convinced by a friend to take the quiz and the crest looks awesome so I shall display my results!! The quiz is pretty cool though, definitely take it if you have the time :wizardhat: }

The mastermind behind my "glorious" tagline =p

Death Note Stamp by SavannaH09

Thanks for visiting my profile!!:squee: Have a cookie and a chibi vampire for your troubles :dummy:

Chaos by Shadow252525
Hey everyone!!!! So a little bit of exciting news for me, as of today I have officially been on DeviantArt for a year :squee:  July 18th~

To celebrate such a momentous occasion I provide to you cyber cookies, chibi bats, and a brand new meme that I stole from a random person's page and cannot find the original for....!!

1. How did you join dA?
I had been a lurker for a while before but eventually decided that I liked the idea of being part of an art posting community and so here I am!

2. What does your username have to do with you?
My first ever original character that I created was an ice queen and developing both her character and her story has been a bit of a lifelife for lack of a better word through the masses of medical appointments, hospital visits, and just generally rough times. This character means a lot to me, I'm in the planning stages of actually writing an original work for her, so for me I really wanted to make that my username as something important to me:)

3. What is your current avatar of?
It's just a random picture I found on Google during a search of an Ice Queen, I dunno what it's for. It's a placeholder until I can decide on one I like better, haha I quite like it though so it's going to have to be a pretty awesome replacement =p

4. How many watchers do you have, and how many do you watch?
I have 76 watchers!!!!!!! That's super exciting!!! Thank you everyone, you guys are the best!!Love Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke 

Currently I watch 229 deviants and it's impossible to keep up with all the amazing work that they postNuu 

5. Do you have more than one account?
Meh, what's the point of having more then one account? I want to keep all my work in one place so I can share it with all of you guys! I'm lazy and already have waaaaayy to many online accounts on the go to start monitoring another one. Bucktooth 

6. Name three of your favorite artists on dA.
:iconzeldacw: :iconladymintleaf: :iconangelerenoir:

7. What deviant(s) do you admire because of their personality? (AKA Some of my favourite peoples to talk with here on DA and other sites they cross over into^__^)

:iconmu11berry: :icontheagentofvenom: :iconmoonpiece: :iconlittlemisswriter7: :iconlifeinjesus: :iconamaniias:

8. How many deviants do you actually know in reality? Post their avatars
My totally amazing friend :iconinkhate: 
My wonderful cousin :icontimemusic15:
My friend from a now dead sadly community group :iconjoscelynloweart:
My totally awesome friend who made an account and then ABANDONED ME!.....*ahem* :iconblackwolf-3000:

9. Do you comment, fave, or both?

Both!!! I have a comment count and a fav count over the thousands mark Oh Noes! 

10. What do you typically post on deviantART?
Fanfiction and fanart haha, I want to get into sharing more original artwork and maybe the occasional original Drabble but idk when I'll get around to doing that haha, Aveyond fanstuffs is so much more fun to shareI am a dummy! 

11. Do you participate in clubs or contests here on dA?
I am part of quite a few groups on all sorts of topics and I do participate in contests sometimes:) I also run several groups and have contests going for my writing one so if you want to check that out~

12. What is your most popular deviation? As in most viewed or most favorited?
My most viewed deviantion is:  Greetings My Lady {Aveyond RhenxDameon Fanart} by Queen-of-Ice101
My most favourited deviantion is:  Ice Fey- Headshot by Queen-of-Ice101

13. What's your favorite submission in your gallery?
Probably this fanfic since it gave me a bug writing breakthrough and it's a more serious piece that really looks at one of my favourite aspects of my favourite fandom:)
What Was Lost- An Aveyond Fanfic (oneshot)Oneshot
Te'ijal flipped through the book, searching for a passage that would help them in any way. As scanned yet another page crammed with spidery writing she reached to turn the page only to freeze and grin.
"Husband, come read this passage. I believe I've found it."
Galahad walked over to her and Te'ijal pointed out the passage she was talking about.
"Look at this......."if I run out of power I can tap another". That means-"
Suddenly her ears picked up on a soft swish from behind her and she spun to see five vampires and Gyendal crossing the floor towards them. Te'ijal moved towards her weapons but in a instant the vampires had reached them and two of Gyendal's minions grabbed her arms, wrenching them into the air with the tip of a stake pressed over her heart.
Te'ijal froze, not daring to move a muscle for fear of the stake being shoved through her heart.
"Hello sister, miss me?"
"Gyendal. How regrettable." Te'ijal spat,

14. What are things you wish you could draw better?
Lol everything. 

But seriously though, my I Wish would probably have to be people. I really want to improve my art so that it looks more realistic and detailed like some of my favourite artists^__^

15. Do you have a premium membership?
Nope, I wish!! I'd really love to have a Core Membership, it would be so awesome to be able to customize my page with themes and put music files on it, as well as be able to have sub folders for my fanfic series :eager: by darkmoon3636 

Haha I'll just have to keep saving!! I'm happy without it but it would sure be fun to have lol. 

16. How many hours a day do you spend on dA?
I haven't got a clue haha. I'll go for days without checking it and then streaks where every couple of hours I'm on here fiddling around. I usually check my notifications or notes pretty frequently though since I always have DA up in my tabs!

17. Are you a fast, slow, or medium typer?
Sorta fast I guess! Accuracy on the other hand is a whole different issue :XD:

18. What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
I don't actually have a most annoying yet:)

19. What is the most annoying/offending comment you've ever received?
Annoying would be when I was asked to take down a deviation because they didn't like it and the individual ended up getting into an argument with others when they told that individual that I wasn't going to take something down that I liked simply because they didn't. The question didn't irk me very much, but the argument did-_-

Offensive? Someone got mad at me because I asked them not to talk about disturbing topics on my profile and instead just note me about it next time. They ended up switching into notes and saying some pretty cruel and rude things to me about everything from my personality to my medicalSad dummy 

20. What/Who inspires you?
I have thousands of songs between my iTunes library and YouTube that I use for inspiration, as well as artwork to inspire me that I find here on DA as well as Google, and of course talking to fellow artists/writers/fans is super inspiring! Jammin'

21. Do you use guidelines when you draw?
You mean bases? No, I do it all by hand which is why even same characters look slightly different from drawing to drawing. Haha I'm still working on consistency in my artwork. 

22. Do you associate people on deviantART with their icons?
Yeah, usually I do! But only if I see them a lot or have come across a discussion that's interested me in the comments. 

23. Have you ever suggested a Daily Deviation?
No, I haven't actually checked out any of the Daily Deviantion reccomendation stuff yet. I should sometime, I know some really awesome artists that should totally be showcased in that!

24. Everyone has considered leaving dA once or twice. Have you? Why?
Yes I have, due to some very stressful drama a I was pulled into with the harassment I received I did consider for a bit taking an indefinite hiatus. However I came to the conclusion that if I quit I would be giving that user the power by letting them take away a site that is a fun and awesome community place to hang out because of their wrong behaviour so I kicked that idea out the window quite quickly and decided to stay instead:) Now that I'm out of the situation it's kind of funny to me that I would have let that get to me and I'm quite glad now that I stuck around!

  • Listening to: Warpath by Hidden Citizens
  • Reading: This meme:p
  • Watching: Nada~
  • Playing: Procrastination is fun:p
  • Eating: Graham Crackers:D
  • Drinking: Water
Tagged by :icontheagentofvenom:


Just have fun and answer these questions!

001. Real Name: Miranda
002. Nickname: None that I'm gonna share on the Internet LOL
003. Zodiac Sign: Libra
004. Male Or Female: Female
005. Elementary: Done.
006. Middle School: Completed.
007. High School: Should be graduated but I'm several years behind thanks to medical:| (Blank Stare) 
008. Hair Color: Brunette
009. Long Or Short: long:)
010. Loud Or Quiet: Depends on my mood and who I'm talking toShrug 
011. Sweats Or Jeans: Jeans
012. Phone Or Camera: Phone 
013. Health Freak: :randomlaugh:  Not even remotely. 
014. Drink or Smoke: Not suicidal so neither.  
015. Do You Have A Crush on Someone: Nope
016. Political orientation: Depends on the level of moron in the contenders on which side I lean towards. 
017. Piercings: Yup!
018. Tattoos: Nope, I don't do needles. 

019. Airplane: Yep!
020. Car Accident: Nooooop
021. Fist Fight: ......yeah......

022. First piercing: Yup, ears pierced when I was ten:p
023. First Best Friend: yeppers, grew up with her. 
024. First Instrument: Recorder lol
025. First Award: A reading award for having set the reading record in my school:D
026. First Crush: Haha a boy I grew up with in church.
027. First Language: English
028. First Big Vacation: Disney Land, for my sisters wish trip!

029. Last Person you talked to: my friend:)
030. Last Person You Texted: My best friend 
031. Last Person You Watched:
032. Last Food You Ate: Strawberry Cheesequake blizzard from DQ
033. Last Movie You Watched: Thor: Dark World
034. Last Song You listened to: Open Your Eyes by Jules Bromley
035. Last Thing You Bought: A book lol
036. Last Person You Hugged: baby squid (otherwise known as cuddly teething Six month old)

037. Food(s): Poutine, Phó, Chocolate, ICE CREAM!! Hot Wings, Perogies, Cheese, Sushi...... and lots more=p
038. Drinks: Water lol, milkshakes, Cream Soda, those flavoured milks....
039. Clothing: Short sleeved shirt, my leather jacket, jeans and rainbow socks lol
040. Book: More like a manga series, Death Note. 
041. Color: Blue
042  Flower: Lol Idk, a rose I guess? I don't know anything about flowers lol
043: Music: Anything with a good beat that doesn't repeat the same word seventy thousand times in the chorus, isn't all about sex (thus actually has a message and a point to the music) and isn't screamo. 
044. Movie: The MCU, most of the Disney animated movies, I don't really watch movies so I can't think of any more really. 
045. Shoes: Boots, especially the ones that come up to the knees:D 
046. Subjects: Art

047. [ ] Kissed In The Snow 
048. [X] Celebrated Halloween 
049. [X] Had Your Heart Broken 
050. [ ] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone 
051. [X] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation 
052. [ ] Came Outta The Closet
053. [ ] Gotten Pregnant 
054. [ ] Had An Abortion 
055. [X] Did Something You've Regretted
056. [X] Broke A Promise 
057. [X] Kept A Secret
058. [X] Pretended To Be Happy
059. [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life 
060. [ ] Pretended To Be Sick
061. [ ] Left The Country 
062. [X] Tried something you normally wouldn't like and liked it 
063. [ ] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
064. [ ] Ran A Mile 
065. [X] Went To The Beach 
066. [X] Stayed Single

067. Eating: Chocolate covered berries
068. Drinking: Water
069. Getting Ready To: Work on one of my stories
070. Listening To: Apollo by Timebelle
071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Make a short movie for a church function
072. Waiting for: A lifeStare 

073. Want Kids: No
074. Want To Get Married: Yes
075. Careers in mind: Graphic design, bestselling author....the usual:D

076. What Do You First Notice In Another Person: Usually their hair colour interestingly enough, close behind is the clothing they're wearing. Mostly because I used to base character designs off people I've seen IRL so it's a habit now. 
077. Shorter Or Taller: Taller  
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous: Romantic
079. Nice Abs Or Nice Arms: LOL I have no clue, don't really care about either. 
080. Other Person's Personality: Sarcastic/funny, generally more laid back, bit of a mischief makerGreetings 
081. Hookup Or Relationship: Relationship absolutely, I don't do hookups. 
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant: Both:)

090. Yourself: Yeah!
091. Miracles: I lived them, so yes. 
092. Love At First Sight: Not even remotely
093. Heaven: Yes
094. Santa Claus: LOL no
096. Magic: Yes and no, depends on the context. 

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: No
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: Uh.....not even close
099. Do You Believe In God: The Christian one, yes. 
100. Post As 100 Truths and tag 5 People: Done and doneWoohooooo!  (totally not fair though XD, I can't tag back and thou who hast tagged me is always one of my go-to's to tag lol)
Alright, lets see....I tag: inkhate 4eyes0soul  tomson235 Madison-Dolly snowpuff77  Have fun~Devilish 

  • Listening to: My music playlists
  • Reading: Nothing:/
  • Watching: Nada~
  • Playing: Procrastination is fun:p
  • Eating: I'm all out of chocolate covered berries;_(
  • Drinking: Water


AAARRGGGG I haaate touch screens sometimesStare  In the last little bit of browsing I have accidentally faved no less then five random things that I had no idea what they were, just random pics with fancy backgrounds from a couple of fandoms I think, and then had to unfav them because I had no idea what they wereGrump  
Going through all the notifications that have sadly been downed in my inbox today!! So if you get some really random responses from me, that would be why....Sweating a little...  I apologize for the long wait on replies for you guys, especially those of you that I was in the middle of conversation in!! I had over 90 comment replies alone to go through so it's taking a while sadly. I promise I wasn't ignoring you guys!!! Just a little behindNuu 
Jumping on board the #netneutrality movement, and encouraging everyone else to as well!! If it goes down in the US, all of us are going to be affected. Taking down Net Neutrality opens the door to legal censorship and makes it possible for the big companies to ruin competition in favour of their own success. This could also infringe on free speech rights for both sides of the argument, that is a very dangerous risk for a free country. Here's some more information to check out:…
Gonna be spamming a bunch of Aveyond artwork soon!! So far nine Aveyond fanarts (and not in Chibi this time!) and a bunch more to go for the Ashen-Eclipse Aveyond meme:D I'll be posting full versions as well as the mini versions in the meme^__^ Suoer excited to share my latest work since my art breakthrough!
Because I am a excited goof and must share.... I had this show up on my notices page today!!
Welcome:D by Queen-of-Ice101
Excited me:D I'm pretty happy that I've been able to be active enough in the community that I've been asked to help welcome!! I mean, they want me to talk to random people for fun? Twist my rubber arm why don't you...:happybounce: 

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No problem!!! That pic is totally awesome btw, thats so fun to add it into the comment:D
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thank you so much! yeah, I really wanted core to be able to do that XD
the text is my actual handwriting :3
Queen-of-Ice101 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Writer
Np! Oooh having core even just to be able to do that would be awesome XD Really? You have really nice writing!!!
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LadyTuake Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the llama !Thanks For The Llama Emote 3D Llama Badge 
Queen-of-Ice101 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Writer
You're welcome!!
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